Mechanical Engineering


Dear Students,

Welcome to Simav Faculty of Technology which is one of the newly established Technology Faculties in Turkey.

It is known that engineering faculties in Turkey, as well as in the whole world, are responsible for the training of engineers needed by sector and industry organizations operating in various fields.

When the demands of the business authorities are taken into consideration; it becomes clear the fact is the precise need of engineers who will personally be in the process or direct it. As a result, the need for engineers who know the process and the practice is increasing day by day.
To meet this need, Technology Faculties are established.


Our aim; to train engineers who are integrated with modern science and technology, who have supported their strong theoretical knowledge with practicality and who can compete at national and international level. In this respect, we believe that these faculties will meet the actual needs of our country for implementation.


Our Faculty accepts two groups of students from the Vocational High Schools and other High Schools on the basis of the MF-4 score. Students coming from Vocational High Schools are given one-year scientific preparation program focused mainly on science courses (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics courses), and successful ones start engineering education.

In our Faculty, there are many laboratory and workshop practice courses, classical engineering courses and compulsory industrial internship studies. In addition, students spend the seventh or eighth-semester taking full-time workplace training in real production fields.


Those who finish our Faculty first take the title of "Engineer" in their field. Then they can continue their academic studies by completing their MSc and PhD studies. After finishing their engineering education, they may train in pedagogy from educational faculties and assign as technical teachers to Vocational High Schools.


These faculties, born of a need, have provisions in various countries of the world. According to the Farabi and Erasmus programs at our faculty, it is possible to exchange teaching staff and students at national and international level.


I hope that the future years and the engineers who graduated from our Faculty will contribute to the development of our country…


Prof. Dr. Muammer GAVAS

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department


Last Update Date: 20 September 2018, Thursday